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Davao SEO is a team of dedicated Local SEO experts that aims to put your website on display on a search engine’s local listing. We are a team of Local SEO experts that utilizes only the best and the right local SEO techniques to get your site on Google’s local search results pages. With our talents in local search engine optimization, you and your business can never go wrong.

What can we do to optimize your site for local search?

Here are some of the things that we can do:

Google Places for Business

This is the very first thing that must be done and by far the most crucial step of all.

We first claim your Google Places for Business Page and we make certain that your contact information, the operating hours of your store and contact details are all complete. As a matter of fact, better to make sure that the entire profile is 100% complete.

Providing category information about your website gives Google a better comprehension of the main niche of your business and generates a signal that you’re related to any other local results about your business’ main function.

This is the easiest way for your business to show up in local searches.

Google+ Local

You’ll need to link your Google Places page to your very own Google+ Local page. This page concentrates more on social interaction. It can show all the reviews, data about your business, images and posts, plus internet surfers gain the access to all of the images, videos and comments on your account.

Google Local results dominate so much that all of your users will need to scroll a long way down to find others. If customers search directly through the maps, local listings are even more powerful there.

When creating a Google+ Local page for your site, we first need to do the following:

  • Optimize data copy about your business with the use of keywords.
  • Referencing your keywords in titles
  • Ensuring that we associate listings with the correct category
  • A schema markup
  • Adding your address in a smooth format in places you’ve mentioned it
  • Encouraging your users to leave reviews
  • Generating a listing for your every physical location


We at Davao SEO make sure that all of these and other unmentioned Local SEO techniques will be used to make your website appear in all of the Local listings. In no time at all, you’ll see results on local searches and customers are sure to come to your business.

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