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Are you an enthusiastic SEO learner? If you are and you are eager to learn how to work in and work out about search engine optimization techniques and knew about the latest trends in this biz, then reading great blogs from experts is the first on the list!

In this post, we present to you these top 5 blogs from SEO influencers we follow. Their blog entries are open for beginner level up to advanced SEO specialists. So if you are on your way to become a well-honed SEO rockstar, better read, understand and be influenced by them!

Google Blog

Google’s Official Blog. With Google being the most popular search engine in use today, it’s worth knowing what updates the company will use – or is already using. You’ll be able to know about updates to its ranking algorithms, for example, and how you can apply this to your SEO strategy. However, the updates on the blog are only relevant to Google, no more, no less.

Neil Patel SEO Blog

Neil Patel. SEO mastermind, content marketing expert, and social media teacher – he’s simply good at what he does, and he continues providing information on these aspects. He passes on anything new that he’s learned when it comes to SEO. There may not be a lot of tutorials, but the posts are still very helpful.


Moz. This website focuses on helping newcomers to SEO learn all that they need to about the different techniques, tips, and tricks needed for optimization. More advanced users can also learn something new, or else go through a refresher in case they need it.

The site also has a rather open community where you can share your thoughts and learn directly from others, instead of reading through article after article.

Wordtracker. Another website that’s made for beginners and experts alike, the people behind this site were already doing SEO before it was known by that name. Based in London, Wordtracker is consistent in publishing content about SEO.

Search Engine Land. This website can be likened to an encyclopedia of SEO information, even if focuses mostly on search marketing. With frequent updates and a daily newsletter you can subscribe to, you won’t be left out of the loop when it comes to optimization.

These are just a few of the sites and SEO blogs you’ll want to add to your bookmarks for you to read up on – it is possible, after all, to learn by doing. As long as you have a guide or two that you can understand, you can learn how to optimize your site so you get more traffic. Or you can learn SEO techniques and the like so you’ll know what your specialists is talking about when strategizing.

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